Aljex and Fastmore Logistics Success Story

Aljex and Fastmore Logistics Success Story

fastmore logisticsFastmore Logistics is a transportation brokerage specializing in expedited, high value, high visibility cargo. Its niche is handling shipments that are time sensitive; require premium transit visibility, and 24 hour communication. Fastmore now has 50 employees and continues to grow quickly.   Aljex recently interviewed Fastmore’s president Ray Sciuckas.

In a recent “Q and A” session, Ray provided some interesting responses to our questions:

Q:  When you started out, what was brokerage like compared to what it is now?

A:   12 years ago, brokerage was more of a commodity. If you had a truck at a competitive rate, you could win a customer’s business.

Q:  Where do you see technology and logistics going in the next 5-10 years?

A:  Expect a lot more automation with better back office efficiency. I think broker’s that don’t take advantage of existing technology to start automating and streamline their processes, will have a difficult time staying competitive.  More and more customers expect visibility from their providers on any shipment.

Q:  What are the biggest issues currently affecting the logistics space?

A:   Capacity, driver shortage (average age of driver 62), ELD mandate, and other pending regulations will take capacity out of the market.  Can an Uber platform help reduce costs?

Q:  How does your company approach finding the correct technology partners?

A:  We try to stay in the know with new developments in the industry, so as soon as a new solution or tech improvement becomes available we explore it immediately and see if it would be a good fit. Then we test efficiencies. In many cases the technology could be so new that we don’t expect more than a 10-15% initial utilization, but if we see results, then we’ll make the investment. Success of any new technology depends largely on management support and a team’s ability to adopt and make it part of their process. We spend a lot of time training our team and showing future benefits of new tech before it becomes available, so when we already have it we have that excitement and everyone is working to make it successful. Not all tech changes are successful. If we discover that new tech or process change doesn’t have the expected results, we have no problem writing it off as a learning experience and moving on.

Q:  How did you come across Aljex?

A:  in 2012, our previous TMS we reached the point where it was holding us back from growing faster. We needed new solutions for our customers and integration of third party vendors to allow us to make faster, more educated decisions. I tested five to ten other TMS providers before narrowing down to a couple. At that point, the decision came down to system efficiency, customization, and the ability to make improvements and integrate with other partners. Aljex came out in the lead with these requirements.  Now that we are integrating with other 3pl’s, we found that the ones with in-house systems are the most surprised to see how efficient our processes are with Aljex.

Q: How would you describe your experience with Aljex?

A:  Aljex has the technology and efficiency built in to allow smaller brokers, like Fastmore, stay competitive and scale fast when operations are growing.   Because Aljex has a strong customer base of growing companies, they are constantly evolving and making regular improvements. Many of those improvements were driven by our ideas, and others were driven by other users within the Aljex network. In the end, we all contribute to having a better TMS. I would gladly share my experience with other brokers and new Aljex customers.