ACE Safely Transports Unique Superloads

ACE Safely Transports Unique Superloads

After working diligently for months, Ace Heavy Haul safely and successfully transported two unique superloads from Oklahoma to an oil refinery in Southern California.

Ace Successfully Transports Two Superloads from OK to CA

A reactor head on a 19-axle trailer, and a VSS chamber on a dual-lane trailer began the multi-state journey to an oil refinery in California in July and successfully reached their destination late last week.

The 19-axle superload had approximate loaded dimensions of 380,000 pounds, 185′ long, 25’8″ wide and 20′ high, and the dual-lane weighed in at approximately 548,000 pounds and was 237′ long, 21’9″ wide and 19’5″ high.

During the journey, the loads were accompanied down highways, freeways and streets by a parade of vehicles, including highway patrol, bucket trucks, and service and utility vehicles.

These types of loads require much attention to detail, and Ace, along with two of their owner operators handled everything from start to finish, including state, county and city permits, route surveys, and communication and coordination with state utilities and highway patrol.

With a superload transport this size, some states limit travel to daylight only while others allow only night movement, in addition to other restrictions on specific streets and highways.

Like with any loads this size, there were minor delays along the way, but both loads made it safely to Los Angeles. After over a year of planning, Ace’s staff, the involved owner operators and involved parties and companies can take a bow and an exhale.

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