We are all set with the new URS!

We are all set with the new URS!

ursThe Unified Registration System (URS) is an online registration system to go into effect late in 2016 that will apply to all interstate motor carriers and brokers.  The URS will consolidate registration and information systems so that the sole identifier for regulated entities will be the DOT#.

We will have code in production when these changes are completed when safer completes their transition that will:

Allow you to cover loads by DOT#
Allow you to lookup carriers by DOT#
Allow you to add carriers by DOT#
Use DOT#’s to check authority, insurance, Safersys & CSA scores.

Part of this upgrade includes new functionality where when entering a new carrier by DOT#, the carriers CSA scores are imported into the carrier profile..

We are also working with the 3rd party insurance monitoring services to utilize the DOT#’s instead of MC#’s. We are ready, most of them are too.