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Aljex Software - References

Aljex Software - References


Addison Transportation had used the same software for 15 years before going live with Aljex in December 2013.  After our operations staff became comfortable with Aljex I noticed we were also becoming more efficient in our jobs.

In comparing our load count in October 2014 with Aljex to our load count in October 2013 with the old software,  Addison Transportation is up 34% along with an increase in our profitability.  There are a number of factors affecting this increase but clearly Aljex Software has a significant impact on our load volume and profitability!

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Addison Transportation
Addison, TX

If you haven’t used Aljex, you really don’t know what you are missing.
I have employed Aljex at two different companies now since 1997. Seeing their software changes/upgrades over the years has been impressive. Always current and in some cases inventive because of their customer base and intuitive staff.

From ease of use by operations, reports for sales and management to safe & secure data control, Aljex is constantly improving. The scanning capabilities has allowed us to have more office space without a wall full of filing cabinets.
When I assumed my current position with Salem and started its Brokerage Company, I did so with the request that our software of choice would be Aljex. Certainly cost was a consideration but the competition couldn’t touch Aljex when you encompass all that you get with Aljex.

So you have an idea or tweak you would like to have on Aljex, you would be very surprised how quickly Aljex can respond and ‘hook you up’!

From Brokerage to Intermodal to LTL Consolidation/Manifesting as well as trucking and warehousing, Aljex has always been ahead of the game to provide us the tools which in-turn increased our profitability.
Thank you Aljex for your partnership in business.

Danny Doutt
Salem Global Logistics
Winston-Salem, NC

Thank you so much for all of your dedicated time! You are always trying to help me!!

Don Siegel
Rose Trucking Corporation
Carteret, NJ


I just wanted to pass on a few thoughts to you about my interactions with Robyn since I first met her in April at the TIA Convention.   I have had countless phone and email conversations with her over the last eight months.  I have found Robyn to be very professional, personable and patient.   She has always been there to help me in a prompt fashion throughout the software decision making process no matter how insignificant or important my questions have been.

Even though I have only dealt with the Aljex Support Staff for just a few weeks, I have immediately formed a good opinion about them.   The Support Staff is always available, helpful and no question is a stupid question.

Kevin Kokjohn
Addison Transportation
Addison, TX
Dear Joan and the Level One and Aljex Teams,

Thank you very much for completing the setup. I’ve checked and everything has come across as expected.
Overall I wanted to share with you that I’ve been extremely pleased and impressed with the overall setup and implementation of the EPay Manager and Aljex interfaces. Everything we’ve tested appears to be working AS DESIGNED with no remaining issues outstanding. I’ve worked with multiple other software companies in the recent past and your execution has been the best. We appreciate your ongoing support and partnership and look forward to moving into Phase 2 with full rollout tomorrow. Thanks again! - John

John Meyer
JandB Group 
St. Michael, MN
Great job.  Thanks for being an excellent biz partner. 

Doug Miller

Hi Robyn -
Just to let you know that your tech support folks are fantastic!  Every
time I call or email, they respond immediately to my concerns.
Please tell them to keep up the good work!
Don Siegel
Rose Trucking Corporation
White Rose Inc.
Carteret, NJ
We really appreciate your teams knowledge and dedication to your software. Looking forward to getting into it for years to come.
Patrick Riffel
HPC Transportation Brokerage
Saginaw, MI
Hi Michelle, everything is going great!! I love Aljex, the system and everything about it :)
Thanks for checking in

Liza Sparks
Big Cat Trucking
Evergreen, CO
Your support staff has been great, especially Oliver and Richard, they have been very helpful.
Tiffany Cornell
Simple Logistics, a division of Burry Foods
Geneva, IL
You guys are the best!
Raymond Sciuckas
Fastmore Logistics
Bensenville, IL
Hi Robyn and Tom and Team,
My gosh we take things so for granted!  I’m so thankful your planning worked so well.  I was in business without a hitch so much so I didn’t even think to inquire about how you all were.  Shame on me and good on you!!!! 
 I wish you all the very best and  ATTABOY!!!        Well done. 
Deb Torres
Thunderbird Trucking
Auburn, WA