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Aljex Software - Our Partners

Tropicana Orange Juice Trains

Hi everyone,

As promised, we have more Pepsi equipment to post.   These are the Tropicana Orange Juice trains. These are refrigerated food-grade RAILCARS.

Interior specs:
64'  Length
9'3" Wide
10'6" High
6216 Cubic Feet

Pepsi has racks, and you can fit 66 pallets on a rail car.

Requirements:   Palletized, secure shipping pallets.  They have food-grade rail cars, so they will not haul anything remotely dirty or hazardous.  You can fit two or three truckloads in one rail car.   They are looking for origins and destinations that are close to the terminals. Its a big plus (or may be required) if they can drop trailers at your customer locations.

I realize that these are specialized requirements, but someone out there is going to make good money filling up these cars, it might as well be one of our clients!

Also, take note:  for all of the Pepsi Equipment, you will be able to use Aljex-Aljex EDI to send the load information to them, and get back the delivery information automatically.

Route 1
Jersey City, NJ to Bradenton, FL
Average 180-250 Cars Per week
Trains Depart Daily


Route 2
Cincinnati,OH, to Bradenton, FL
Average 54 Cars Per week
Trains Depart Daily


Route 3
City of Industry, CA to Bradenton, FL
Average 35 cars per week
Five Departures weekly
Transit Time - 10 days


The contact for the equipment is Adrian Parkhideh, his email is and his phone # is 972-963-1156.

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